1997 was a year of consolidation and growth for the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, despite the fact that it had to work in the context of an uncertain and precarious transition to democracy marked by an increasing deterioration of human rights and open governmental hostility towards civil organizations

Some of the main challenges we have faced are the following:

a) The systematic use of force and violence by the Government to solve the country’s many political and social problems which reflect its increased state of instability The clean and authentic federal elections in 1997 removed an obstacle preventing the open vigilance of human rigths in Mexico, but it also emphasized the lack of a true ruel of law in the country.

b) Worsening violations of Human Rights which follow the militarization of the police in 29 of the 32 states of the republic, combined with an even more restrictive judicial framework derived from the application of measures like the Ley Federal Contra la Delincuencia Organizada (Federal Law Against Organized Delinquency).

c) A Hostile government policy against non-governmental human rights organizations.

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